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The Positive Chutzpah Power Couple:

Gil Peretz and Nili Peretz



Gil and Nili Peretz are the original researchers of the Positive Chutzpah Mindset. Based on their research of hundreds of the most successful game-changers entrepreneurs, they identified the "Positive Chutzpah" factor and are sharing this unique mindset with audiences around the world. 


Gil and Nili can be booked for keynote speeches, master classes, and executive summits.


Their research on the spread and effects of the Positive Chutzpah mindset became the foundation of their new seminar, keynotes, and consulting services to help organizations change the rules of the game faster and smarter.


The Positive Chutzpah Power Couple has more than 25 years of experience in consulting, training and coaching thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs, C-level executives and sales organizations, as well as R&D centers.

Experts of peak performance, leadership and communication skills, the duo are co-authors of Obama's Secrets: How to speak and Communicate with Power and a Little Magicwhich made the Amazon Bestseller list with a 4.9 rating.

Gil and Nili are also co-authors of the forthcoming book, Positive Chutzpah (TM).


In 2012, Gil Peretz was granted the "genius visa," officially known as the US Department of Homeland Security's Alien of Extraordinary Ability classification.


Gil and Nili relocated from Israel to California with their three daughters, in order to be closer to Silicon Valley's entrepreneurs. They travel from California to speak, train and consult around the globe.



Gil Peretz
Gil has been a professional business speaker for over 25 years. He has delivered more than 3,000 keynote speeches, presentations, and seminars before thousands of people from 46 countries. His client list includes Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Allergan, Merck, Teva, Citroen, and many more.


In the late 1970s, Gil was a software geek who started coding at 15 years old. Later, he served in a key position in the Israeli Defense Forces’ computer center, and trained many of the future entrepreneurs and leaders of Israel’s high-tech industry. Years later, he became an international speaker.


An award-winning entrepreneur, Gil has built five million-dollar companies and was nominated for the prestigious "World Entrepreneur of the Year" award in Israel, as a part of the world competition organized by Ernst & Young.


Gil was one of the first mentors in Microsoft Ventures' startup accelerator, as well as at Palo Alto’s UpWest Labs and UC Berkeley’s Skydeck program. As a thought leader himself, he is the author of another best-selling book, Intimate Marketing.


Gil is a high-energy speaker with a special ability to bond with his audience. Participants at his lectures feel that he speaks to each and every one of them, individually, as if it were an intimate chat. The participants always leave with ideas for immediate implementation and a sense that they have taken part in a special intellectual and emotional experience.




Nili Peretz


TEDx Speaker and a high-performance expert Nili Peretz studies the link between audacity and success.

Nili is an Israeli-American author, former attorney and a certified international trainer. She is the co-author

of the forthcoming book "Positive Chutzpah: A new Mindset for Success". Nili brings her research from studies on hundreds of successful game-changing entrepreneurs in Israel and throughout the world and her passion for spreading the Positive Chutzpah mindset around the globe. She is a life scholar of the psychology that drives successful people.

Nili serves as a role model for women (and actually men, too!) who want to use Positive Chutzpah in business and throughout their life. She shares success stories on stage from the Positive Chutzpah research, and inspires people to overcome fears and unleash their full potential.

Nili developed unique strategies to help people rewire their thinking with new mindsets, conquering and disrupting their limited beliefs, fears of failure, as well as helping introverts and those with social anxiety to deliver their messages with power and passion.


Nili is an expert in neuroscience and in the mind-body connection. In her work, she incorporates a holistic approach, by integrating the cutting-edge neuroscience with her mind-body expertise.

She co-authored the best-selling book Obama's’ Secrets with Gil Peretz. Nili led the research for that book. Obama’s Secrets became the ultimate "communication bible." Based on their analysis of over 300 of Obama's appearances worldwide, from the 1990s until 2011, Gil and Nili cracked the secret code of President Obama’s techniques and show how his magical rhetoric skills can translate into one's own success. 


People who experience Nili on stage can feel her unique aesthetic intelligence, as well as her unorthodox way to help people overcome fears and unleash their full potential. She demonstrates fun, yet extremely powerful techniques that inspire and encourage people from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds, to effectively adopt the Positive Chutzpah mindset.




Keynotes, Seminars and Master Classes

Gil and Nili can be booked - together or separately - for keynote speeches, in-company presentations and master classes, TED-like inspiring events, and executive summits.

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