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Gil and Nili Peretz present:

The Positive Chutzpah Executive Seminar


Yesterday’s business was about innovation. Tomorrow’s business is about Positive Chutzpah.


Positive Chutzpah is the secret formula of high-performing companies. Think of it as “steroids” for your firm's sustainable growth.


The Positive Chutzpah Executive Seminar is an energetic, entertaining and results-oriented business event, led by high-performance business experts and best-selling authors, Gil and Nili Peretz.


Interactive and inspirational, your team members will remember the Positive Chutzpah seminar for the rest of their lives.

Based on research on the world’s most successful companies, Positive Chutzpah is the new business mindset you need to know about.


Positive Chutzpah is what helped Israel become the “Start-up Nation,” and this same mentality is found in successful corporations around the globe. This mindset pairs an ambitious vision with the passion and determination to follow through. It goes much further than merely thinking outside the box. It is the audacity to change the rules of the game. When you no longer fear failure or criticism, you can bring positive results to your life, your business and the global community.



Join business leaders, along with hundreds of CEOs and executives from leading firms for an intensive two-day event of interactive learning, networking and idea generating.


Fasten your seatbelts, because Positive Chutzpah is one exciting ride! Don't miss the phenomenal opportunity to boost your skills and learn from the masters of Positive Chutzpah.       


What is the Positive Chutzpah Executive Seminar?

The Positive Chutzpah Executive Seminar is for game-changers who want to master the most powerful new mindset for business success, the Positive Chutzpah mindset.


It’s a wake-up call for companies that want to dominate their markets. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind seminar, designed to give you the Positive Chutzpah transformational thinking mindset. You will learn groundbreaking ideas and make valuable connections that will supercharge your company, your career and your world.


Gil and Nili Peretz will share the surprising discoveries they have made about the most successful companies, and their intentional and systematic use of Positive Chutzpah. You will see how Positive Chutzpah can help your company skyrocket to new levels of success.


Who are your favorite role models of success?


  • Google's Larry Page?

  • Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg?

  • Uber’s Travis Kalanick?

  • Alibaba's Jack Ma

  • Amazon's Jeff Bezos?

  • ...or someone else?


Imagine you could hire one of these people or other legendary “game changers” like Elon Musk or Richard Branson to your corporate board. What could you and your company achieve if your executives and workers could consult with them on a daily basis?


Now, what if all your executives could upload a mental flash drive with the same unorthodox thinking style and energy of these legends?



Positive Chutzpah is the next best thing

The Positive Chutzpah Executive Seminar will give your team the mindset and the tools they need to think and act differently, and most importantly - to do it every day.


They will return supercharged, and determined to make real, lasting changes. This executive seminar is guaranteed to help you and your company attain extraordinary results.


Are you ready to join the Positive Chutzpah revolution?



Here is a snapshot of what You will learn:
  • Get inspired: lessons from the world’s most Positive Chutzpah-forward companies.

  • The mindset for success: what you can learn from business leaders who change the game in 21 different industries

  • Lead with audacity: how to use Positive Chutzpah to navigate your organization through an era of accelerated change

  • Taking action: from thinking outside the box to executing your business transformation.

  • The new leader: how to communicate with presence and Positive Chutzpah. 

  • The Positive Chutzpah Strategy: a simple, yet effective system for adding innovation, creativity and success to your business.

  • Peak performance: how to use Positive Chutzpah in order to push yourself and your company to the greatest extremes of your abilities.

  • Benefits and risks: why is it crucial today, more than ever before, and what will happen to late adopters lacking Positive Chutzpah.

  • The magic toolbox: dozens of tools, techniques and templates to implement Positive Chutzpah across your organization. 

  • Marketing 2020: how to use Positive Chutzpah to dominate your market now and tomorrow.

  • Lessons from the Start-up Nation: using Positive Chutzpah to help David-like companies conquer the Goliaths.

  • Limited beliefs: discover your unconscious beliefs and mindsets that are undermining your ability to use Positive Chutzpah. Then, transform them, right in the room!

  • The power of failure: embracing and reframing failures, even if failure is currently unacceptable in your business’s culture.

  • Positive Chutzpah thinking tools: how to systematically challenge the rules, break thought patterns and create innovative ideas, every time.

  • Team power: how to use the power of team thinking to come up with new Positive Chutzpah ideas.

  • Changing the game: how to inspire, influence and motivate your employees to be unafraid to come up with non-traditional ideas.

  • Positive impact: using your new mindset and skillset to create a better new world.




Imagine a new world, and the new, amazing you


Your life will never be the same after experiencing the Positive Chutzpah Executive Seminar. When you leave this extraordinary seminar you will feel like the turbo engine of a car racing at the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix.


You will feel rewired, and you’ll know that you can come up with new, innovative ideas, products and services that will change the game. You will be unstoppable.


You will have a peak performance mindset. You will have Positive Chutzpah.


The only question you may ask yourself is, “What took me so long?”


You are not alone in this new Positive Chutzpah movement. You will meet, connect and collaborate with other executives like yourself, who have a hunger for success and influence.


The Positive Chutzpah Seminar is perfect for:
  • Presidents and CEOs

  • C-level executives

  • Senior and Executive VPs

  • Directors

  • Managers and Supervisors

  • Sales Executives

  • Engineers

  • Human Resources Professionals

  • Business Owners

  • Entrepreneurs


No other event will help you to understand the new business environment and give you the tools to flourish.


You will be prepared for the new rules of the 2020s and beyond. Full of audacity, energy, enthusiasm, passion, and, full of Positive Chutzpah!


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