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What is Positive Chutzpah(TM)?


Positive Chutzpah is the new mindset for success and innovation. It's what helps today’s corporate leaders achieve exceptional success, and explains why some organizations make it big, while others fail.


After studying hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, high-performance experts and best-selling authors Gil and Nili Peretz have identified the crucial ingredient for success. They call it Positive Chutzpah, and they are sharing this unique mindset with audiences around the world.

Adopted into English, the Yiddish word "Chutzpah" is the willingness to break with convention and to try new things.


Positive Chutzpah is the mindset that helped Israel become the world’s leading “Start-up Nation,” with more companies listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange per capita than any country outside the US. And this same mentality is found in successful organizations around the world.

It’s not just bending the rules — it’s about changing them 

The Positive Chutzpah mindset pairs ambitious vision with great passion and the determination to follow through. It goes much further than just “thinking outside the box.” It’s the audacity to act outside the box and change the rules of the game, without fear of failure or criticism. 


Integral to the Positive Chutzpah mindset is the ambition to bring positive results to the global community. It is an inclusive and diversity-oriented mindset. It is focused on helping, building and creating.

It's the powerful mindset that makes Israeli entrepreneurs so innovative. However, the more we research Positive Chutzpah the more we see that it's universal, it's beyond any boundaries of culture, gender, or profession - and anyone can learn and adopt it. 

Welcome to the Positive Chutzpah era!

It’s Elon Musk and Tesla reinventing the car — and deciding that consumers should also be able to fly to the moon. And then, making that happen.


It’s Waze changing the rules of navigation, saving endless time and frustration for millions of drivers.


It’s having the mindset and the passion to change the status quo, just like Google, Amazon, and many other successful companies.


These are the kinds of leaders and organizations who change the world and leave an enormous legacy. Do you want to join them?


It’s a time for those who aren't afraid to fulfill their vision.

It’s a time for leaders to follow their ambitions, even if they break with convention.

It’s a time for those who do not shy away from failure, conflict or criticism.


The sooner you ride the wave of Positive Chutzpah, the sooner your competitive advantages will monetize, leading to extraordinary payoffs.

Why positive chutzpah is crucial for your company


Innovation alone is no longer enough. What was considered yesterday to be a success has become irrelevant today. Many of the companies that were presented as role models for success during the last decades have slipped dramatically in performance, and lost their leadership position in their industries. Some of them don’t even exist any more!


In the last decade, a lot of money was, and still is, invested in training and management development to enhance innovation. But most of the time-consuming and expensive training has not made a lasting difference. The times have changed faster than most companies’ ability to react.


Businesses need to be able to jump ahead of the trend


Think about all of the big organizations that have lost their power over the years or disappeared from the market entirely. They began with tremendous innovation and seemingly unlimited potential. But where are they today?


They lost their chutzpah over the years, and with it, the ability to stay ahead of the changing times. In today’s world, a business without Positive Chutzpah is a business facing a bleak future


To stand out, to innovate, to rewire, to reach new markets, requires a different mindset and a new skill set.


Positive Chutzpah is the new mindset for success

Positive Chutzpah is a critical competitive behavior that you cannot afford to ignore . Any leader who wants to make it big and achieve exceptional results must embrace the Positive Chutzpah mindset, or risk being left in the dust.

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