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Consulting and Business Transformation

We help businesses achieve extraordinary, sustainable results by helping them become Positive Chutzpah organizations.


Our extensive research shows that the Positive Chutzpah mindset is a crucial component for the most successful companies and leaders in the world. It’s the principle driver of growth, innovation and competitive business performance. Companies around the globe are racing to instill the Positive Chutzpah spirit throughout their organizations. Gil and Nili Peretz will give you a head-start.


Infusing Positive Chutzpah “Genes” into Your Company’s DNA


Adopting the Positive Chutzpah mindset involves change that reaches into every aspect of your organization. It includes establishing Positive Chutzpah teams, training your people and leaders to use strategies, tools, and processes that will embed Positive Chutzpah in the DNA of your organization. 


The Positive Chutzpah strategy is an unorthodox system, which can help any business move beyond its competitors. It includes mindset templates, tools, and techniques that will help your team to achieve extraordinary, yet sustainable, results.

Once learned, understood and adopted, the Positive Chutzpah strategy can be replicated in any company. It is suitable in all arenas, across industries, governmental bodies, universities, and non-profits, and for organizations of any size.


The Positive Chutzpah strategy will enable your company to innovate better, faster, and smarter. It will help you to revolutionize your products, services, solutions and processes in a way that will help you out-perform your competitors and delight your customers.

Give your organization the unfair competitive advantage


Any company can adopt the Positive Chutzpah mindset. It takes practice and commitment. But we have your back, helping you to change and sustain your company's outlook.


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