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The Research Behind

The Positive Chutzpah Mindset


The Positive Chutzpah Mindset is based on extensive research. Hundreds of successful businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the world were put under a microscope over the course of three years.

During their study, Gil Peretz and Nili Peretz cracked the code of many successful leaders, innovators, and organizations worldwide. One of the key factors in these companies’ sustainable competitive advantage, was the Positive Chutzpah mindset.



Positive Chutzpah Intelligence Around The World

The Peretzes noticed that today’s strongest leaders and organizations, such as Amazon, Tesla, and Google, have something in common with successful Israeli start-ups. They are not only innovative and bold, but they have a special mentality - a “Positive Chutzpah Intelligence.”


These outstanding companies were exhibiting Positive Chutzpah, before the Peretzes had even defined and coined it.

The Peretzes coined the term “Positive Chutzpah” to describe the common qualities they found in these most successful organizations. Innovation, creativity and social audacity, used to positively impact companies, communities and the world.


A kind of audacity with soul.

The Peretzes recognized that having a clear language for successful habits is the key to recreating them,

and to instilling the traits throughout the organization. Without the right language, improving an organization’s culture is practically impossible. 


Their Positive Chutzpah Mindset will not only generate business results, it will also inspire a new, more positive, intra-organizational dialogue.




Infusing Positive Chutzpah “Genes” into Your Company’s DNA

A Positive Chutzpah culture can help any business move beyond its competitors. Our methodology includes mindset templates, tools, and techniques that will help your team to achieve extraordinary results, by infusing Positive Chutzpah “genes” into your company’s DNA.


It's a new way of thinking, a new way of acting, and a new way of interacting. It can help you dominate your industry and increase your market share and profits.


Once learned, understood and adopted, Positive Chutzpah can be replicated in any company. It is suitable in all arenas, across industries, governmental bodies, universities, and non-profits and for organizations of any size.


A Positive Chutzpah culture will enable your company to innovate better, faster, and smarter. It will help you to revolutionize your products, services, solutions and processes in a way that will help you out-perform your competitors and delight your customers.


Give your organization the competitive edge



This organizational change is not intended for companies or business leaders who want to make slow, gradual changes. It’s an initiative for those who want to bring huge change to their lives and their businesses - to produce big, extraordinary, Positive Chutzpah results.


Anyone can adopt the Positive Chutzpah mindset. It takes practice and commitment. But the Peretzes have your back, helping you to change and sustain your company's outlook.

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